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Dedicated Optometrist in Kissimmee, FL

When you visit Dr. Noel Henry, O.D., P.A. in Kissimmee, FL, you will receive optometric care you’ve never experienced before. Our staff strives to be caring and understanding with each and every patient that walks into our office to ensure a welcoming and calming environment. Dr. Henry is an experienced and well-loved optometrist who can provide you with the highest quality eye exams and timely diagnoses for any issues you may experience.

Visiting the eye doctor is not something you think about daily, but it is incredibly important to have yearly eye exams, including eye dilation and retinal imaging, even if you have never had vision issues in the past. You may not notice any symptoms until the issue is more advanced, and early detection is important in treating any eye disease or injury to prevent further damage or even permanent blindness. 
Eye Exam

Our Services

● Lipflow Scan & Treatment
● Diabetic Evaluations 
● Glaucoma Evaluation & Treatment 
● Hard & Soft Contact Lenses Fitting
● Opomap, Retinal Imaging & Dilation 
● Farnsworth D15 Testing
Eye Test

Protect yourself from the harmful effects that disease, such as glaucoma and cataracts, and untreated eye injuries can cause.

eyeglasses selection

Each member of our staff is dedicated to your eye health and comfort, and we promise to always go above and beyond to ensure you are happy with our service. 

Dry Eye Center-Lipiflow

Lipflow is the latest technology used to evaluate and treat sever dry eyes. With treatment and omega 3 supplements reduce your dependence on artificial tears. Rejuvenate your meibomian glands with lipiflow.  

Board Certified Optometrist

Dr. Noel Henry is a Florida board certified optometrist who is trained in the management and treatment of the ocular system . Including managing eye infection removing foreign body pre and post op Lasik co-management pre and post op cataract surgery co-management. Dr. henry has been in practice for over 15 years.  

Comprehensive Eye Exam

Our eye exam includes optomap retinal imaging, marco RT 5100 automated refractive system, and my vision express electronic health records. This system provides accurate glasses and contact lenses fitting as well as comprehensive diabetic and glaucoma evaluation. 

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If it has been more than a year since your last eye exam, it’s time to call Dr. Noel Henry, O.D., P.A. to schedule an appointment. Our team will guide you through the process of setting up your appointment, as well as when and how to pick up your glasses or contacts after your visit. Call us today at (407) 465-0272 and let us help you see the difference we can create in your visual health!

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